PACE, FL 32571

New Tennis Courts

Construction Update

by Christlyn Wise


Patriot Sports Media

The latest construction project of Pace High School is the Tennis Courts. I met up with Assistant Principal Goodwin to ask some questions about the construction process and the funding.

I first asked him why there was a need to redo the tennis court. He basically said that the reason it needed reconstruction is because the court was rising. During some type of storm or rainfall, water got under the court causing it to rise and create cracks in the concrete.

The cost of the tennis court was up to the different construction companies. How does this work? What happens is they get an engineer to make a blueprint and tell the different companies what needs to happen. After every company knows what needs to be done, they place bids which basically tells the district how much it’ll cost for that certain company to do the work. The district will then choose the company that will get it done quicker and faster.

Going into my interview with Mr. Goodwin I thought that all of the funding for the project came from the school. However, the funding for these types of projects comes from the district.

Because of the cold and wet weather, completion has been delayed, and there is no definite time it will be finished. The tennis team has been practicing in Milton until it is completed. 

The main reconstruction everyone wants to see happen is a bigger gym. The gym floor was redone not too long ago, however when it comes to extending the gym to accommodate the growing school there are no plans as of right now.

The only construction that will be taking place in the near future is the softball field house, which will be built after softball season.