PACE, FL 32571

Ramirez Spotlight 

Rylan Newman

Patriot Sports Media


RN: “What are your goals for this season?”

FR: “I want to get under 16 minutes at state this year, and I want to try to get a medal at state.”

RN: ”When you have an event coming up, what does your training look like that week?”

FR: “For the first part of the week I do speed work, really intense workouts. The rest of the week I rest and just focus on what time I want to make, who I want to beat, and just mentally prepare myself.”

RN: “When you aren’t Training for a competition or a run, what are some of the things that you enjoy doing?”

FR: “I’m really interested in soccer. I like to play Spikeball with my friends. I’m also really focused on my schooling; I want to get into a college to run there.”

RN: “When you are exhausted and don’t think you can go any farther, what goes through your mind and what do you tell yourself?”

FR: “I just remember that it‘s only 16 minutes of work, to push through, and that I’m almost finished.”


When I attended one of his events I saw something that intrigued me. After he had finished 16 minutes of heat-filled and grueling running, Francisco, took time to circle back and help other runners finish. He is a competitive, guided, and friendly person. With a spirit like this, I cannot wait to see where his determination and skill takes him in the future.