PACE, FL 32571

Pace Inexperience Costs in 2nd Half

On a balmy August night in Pace, Florida, the Kick-off Classic opened the season with the freshman class. First drive for Pace, fumble on the third play. But The Aggies were not able to score, turning the ball over on downs with the Patriots taking over at their own 19. 


The Patriots quickly got into Tate territory. The Pace freshmen scored and got the two-point conversion with 34 seconds left sealing the win over the Aggies 8-0.


JV: First drive Tate fails on 4th and 1 and the Patriots take over on Tate’s own 20 yard line and quickly score with 8:35 left (7-0) Pace


Patriot defense stepped up for a quick 3 and out. And with a boost from the refs the patriots scored again and kicked the extra point right down the middle for 14-0 (Pace). With an enormous showing of the defense and costly penalties Pace JV beat the aggies 14-0!


Ladies and gentlemen now it’s time to get on your feet to welcome your PACE PATRIOTS!!-The voice of the Patriots, Mr. Gilroy.
First Drive: After a long off-season figuring out who would fill in at the quarterback position, a former DE turned quarterback threw his first pass for an interception and led for an Aggie touchdown with 10:34 left in the third. Though his start wasn't that great, #18 Brandon Miller stayed focused and didn't let anything negative deter him.


The Patriots got the ball but costly penalties forced the Patriots to punt. Yet again the Pace defense forces Tate to a 3 and out! End of the third Pace 0-7. At the start of the 4th, Pace stopped them from going up two scores.
Pace used new momentum to tie it up with score of 7-7 with 4:52 left.

Pace’s Defense forced a Tate punt with 3:30 sec left. Later Pace picked up an interception by #16 Eddie Craig with 45 seconds left. With 19.5 seconds Pace was stopped short and Tate took over on downs. At 7 sec left Tate threw a hail Mary to close it out with Tate winning the varsity half 7-13.