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Aggression and Sports

Christlyn Wise

Patriot Sports Media


Aggression has been very familiarized within sports. There have been tons of reports throughout sports media about misconduct from players towards other players as well as the referees.

Athletes are shown aggression from the very beginning of their careers. When they are in little league the parents sit in the stands and yell when things don’t go the way they want it to go. As the players get higher and higher in little league the tension between parents rises more.

Since most college and professional sports games are aired on television anyone in America can watch them. Most young athletes look up to older athletes and idolize them. Sometimes when the televised games are on you see a lot of aggression when things don’t go a certain way or there is what seems to be a bad play. When the players act out the kids at home can see this. It causes them to act the same way when they are playing their own sports.

Here is how this may affect high school players. When you get in physical disagreements with other players on the court/field you typically get a foul called against you. When colleges are scouting the games trying to recruit players, they aren't going to want a certain player if they are constantly having fouls against them.

It affects college athletes the exact same way. When a player is aggressive, they get fouls called against them which could result in being suspended from that game as well as games in the future. Also, like high school, professional scouts are not going to want to pay a player to play for their team when the player may spend a lot of time out of the game anyways.

Overall, athletes should be shown good sportsmanship throughout the span of their athletic careers to ensure that they have the best experience possible. They should be shown that it’s okay if there’s a bad play called and that there are peaceful ways to go about it.