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Christy Roberts: A Journey In Health

By Christlyn Wise

Christy Roberts is a homeschooled 16-year-old who is extremely into fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. She is also one of the most genuine, down-to-earth people I have ever met. She has gone through a lot during her fitness journey, and I’ve been the person she came to a lot of the time. However, I wanted to formally ask her how she felt about her journey and some of her difficulties along the way.

The very first thing I wanted to know was her reasoning behind deciding to become healthy and athletic. The first thing I asked was when and why she started getting into fitness. She informed me that she started in 2015. Her focus at the beginning was to tone up a little bit. She said, “The main reason was that I wanted to tone up a little, but then I realized how amazing it made me feel--so fully committed.”

Christy started her fitness journey by making simple changes. First, she started by making healthy food substitutions to make sure she was putting healthy calories into her body. Food substitution is a very good way to become more self-aware in your food choice. There's very easy changes to be made that you might not even realize will help, such as changing your snack from a bag of chips to a healthy fruit. Then, he also made sure she was taking time out of each day to move around.

Christy's health journey, however, soon became a very toxic situation. She became too obsessed with working out and eating healthy. I asked her how and when she realized it was no longer a healthy situation. “Two years ago my mom confronted me,” she remembered. She also spoke about how the first step in fixing her problem was realizing that she had one. Most of her problem was a mental one she said. However, there were physical problems as well. Being a very close friend to Christy and seeing her everyday made it hard to realize at first, but Christy started losing weight extremely fast.

Christy took very good steps in fixing the mess she made within her fitness journey. She said, “Your thoughts have no control over them unless you let them...people who dwell in positive thoughts create positive thoughts.” As for the physical changes in improving her healthy lifestyle, she told me about how she had to increase her calorie intake as well as reducing the intensity of her workouts. She stated, “Eating more and working out less is scary at first, but your body needs that time to recover.” She also said that when you don’t allow your body time to rest you can potentially also stop seeing results.

Roberts also has a social media platform where she shares her journey. Her Instagram page is filled with different healthy recipes where she takes a normally unhealthy food and changes it to a healthier meal with a similar taste. Christy has also started a YouTube channel in the past few months. On her YouTube channel she shares different workouts and “what I eat in a day” type of videos to share her recipes with people as well as introduce healthy meals to people and give them different ideas on what they can eat for different meals. I asked her how it impacted her mentality or if it changed anything at all. She advised me that social media has both pros and cons in her opinion. She likes that she now has people who are supporting her lifestyle as well as now being able to talk to about her experiences with hundreds of people. However, with pros there comes cons. "It’s hard not to compare yourself to others.” She went on to talk about how she would get caught up in the image of another people’s life. Sometimes people’s life looks perfect through a camera lens on social media. Everyone has their ups and downs, but most people only post the good things happening to them on their social media pages. As for Christy’s main goal in social media, she told me “… my goal for my social media is to reach others and to share what I know about health and fitness”

So now that Christy has a lifestyle that is benefiting her health, I asked her what a good workout consists of in her opinion. She told me she enjoys workouts that make her sweat. She likes to do workouts that concentrate on her muscles. She specifically enjoys using her own body weight to work out. She doesn’t like a ton of cardio during her workouts; she feels that it’s the stressor on her body and that it would reverse the work she’s trying to do to help her body come out of a state of shock. Her tip when it comes to working out is to always find a workout you want to do. When you do workouts, if you don’t want to do it, it creates a negative stigma around working out, which will make you less likely to work out. You should always stick to workouts that you enjoy doing and that make you feel healthy.

Since Christy's downfall a few years ago, she has completely reestablished herself. She has created a more positive mindset about everything surrounding her healthy lifestyle. She shared with me that she never thought she would get to this point in her health journey. As she should, Roberts takes a lot of pride in her ability to overcome that extremely difficult point in her life. She is focusing a lot more now on her mental health as it is just as important as physical health. She no longer forces herself to do things she doesn’t want to do. She has become much better at listening to her body and taking a break when she needs to, as well as giving her body off days so that her muscles have a chance to regroup. Overall, she has become much better at taking care of herself and doing what is best for her body.