The Future of Broadcasting?


R. Newman

Patriot Sports Media



Technological advances are pretty much a constant in our lives nowadays. Self driving trucks and cars, artificial intelligence capable of analyzing human emotions, and even a cloaking device are now reality. The industry we seem to always forget is the sports industry. The sky cam is an insane piece of engineering... but what if you could look through the eyes of the players or coach? What if you could stand next to your favorite player as he shot a winning goal? Or at least a version of him? Turns out, you can and in a live game as well.


Beyond sports is a company who is developing a virtual reality system driven by accurate player performance data, Ai-driven calculations, and interactivity you wouldn’t believe. By putting wearable technology on the players, the coaches not only know their players limits and health, but the system can make an accurate representation of the game at any given moment. Putting player models in a simulated stadium, the program can allow the broadcasters to do things previously impossible. The analyst can write on the field or even the players themselves if need be. The camera people can use an angle previously impossible. And my favorite part? It’s what the viewers themselves can do.


By downloading the app, you can use the same features the professionals can. Imagine watching a field goal from the end zone or right behind the kicker. Imagine watching a home run hit, while sitting on the scoreboard. Imagine, the infinite possibilities available with this tech in a few years. I for one, am excited at the thought.




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