Eligibility Goes into Overdrive


Rylan Newman

Patriot Sports Media





With the rules and bans the NCAA has placed upon coaches and student athletes, those affected have been scrambling to find a rope to avoid falling into the pit that opened underneath them. Recent decisions by The NCAA have effectively tossed safety lines to catch the ones who fell and seniors who have had their final year of eligibility cut short by the Covid-19 outbreak have been given something that was needed... another year.


Coaches have been banned from official and unofficial, in-person, face-to-facemeetings with athletes and their families. This affects the sophomores and juniors who had interviews set up before hand and were canceled by the regulations set by the NCAA. With travel-ball being cancelled and spring and winter sports being cancelled, athletes have lost the ability to be seen by the people who decide if they are good enough to make it into the college they represent. This can effectively end a scholarship opportunity for a needing athlete.


With all of this hitting the athlete’s and colleges, who get the scholarship money put into their sports and education programs, the NCAA has extended the eligibility clock for this year. This allows for both and all parties to be financially safe, and relatively stress free.In short, the NCAA has many regulations, some of which we yell at during games. However, there are times when the NCAA can make sure it’s athletes and colleges, and not its bank book, are safe and happy.




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