How to Adapt to New



A. Green

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We can all agree the Coronavirus has abruptly hauled so many Americans plans, schools, and future.

How can we use this circumstance to our advantage?

So many coaches have posted videos and informed you on what to do to help you adjust to this pandemic.

Keep your skills sharp

Can players sharpen their skills at home? Yes!

“Find a hill and run up it” said an FSU football coach. Get a bench and lift weights.

Push ups, crunches, and just simply get outside and run!

Keep your social media/ Hudl up to date

Post video’s of you doing the following things.

Keep you’re hudl up to date by posting the big plays. Posting big plays on hudl could make all the difference when coaches can’t come see you during spring practice because of the virus.

Keep communication with coaches / Journal

Keep communicating with coaches by updating them on all the work the player has put in. Keep a journal what you ate to maintain a healthy diet. Set goals for yourself. FaceTime or zoom call coaches. We can all agree that the Coronavirus has stopped all of our lives but these are the ways you can still keep your star rating.




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