Unseen Effects on Canceled Sports


G. Jackson

Patriot Sports Media


Obviously pro sports leagues have taken a huge financial hit due to this being a rare incident in history, especially for sports. Leagues such as the NBA, XFL, and more have been shut down for their 2020 season. One, if not the most detrimental, consequences of these leagues being shut down is the financial blow that these companies are taking. Many people do not understand that in the end these are companies and they are all about making money, and with no money there is no way that they can continue. Although this might not be a huge problem for long standing leagues such as the NBA, it might not be the same for startup leagues such as the already mentioned XFL who just began their inaugural season this year.

Some of the least thought of victims in this situation are combat sports fighters since these fighters are a part of a sport that goes year-round; they have been affected exponentially. The president of top rank boxing Todd duBoef stated, "Some of these guys have got to pay rent next month, and they may need the money,” So obviously some fighters are struggling to keep up their own lively hood due to this terrible situation.

In all, due to Covid-19, many are having trouble, but it is especially more so in the sports world since everything is shut down. Many of the non-active sports are hoping that this blows over by the time summer or winter comes around. This virus will go down as one of the most detrimental to sports and other professions in history.






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