PACE, FL 32571

New Season = New Hope


Erin Grimm

Patriot Sports Media

As swim season starts back up, everyone, including the players are filling with excitement for an amazing season that’s ahead of them.

“I think that we have a very strong team this year, and I predict that we will have a lot of wins and we are all going to work hard to make it to districts and state!” captain of the swim team Caleb Byrd states.


Both the coaches and team players claim to be very prepared for and are excited about this season; even a little nervous. “Our team has been working really hard this year.  Even though it is early in the school year we started doing workouts the 1st day of August.  On top of swimming 3 days a week, our swimmers also do dry land, which consists of core strengthening exercises, twice a week.” Coach Byers explains.


Everyone connected with the team is very certain that they’re ready for this season and excited to break records and take home wins for the Patriots. Although they may be prepared and working hard, that doesn’t stop the stress of other good teams. The team’s biggest competition seems to be Gulf Breeze and Navarre; each team member I talked to expressed a slight nervousness about going against these other strong teams but are confident that they are strong enough to win the competition.


Along with the fear of those other teams, they’re also excited to make friends. “I like to make friends out of my enemies,” said James Tracey.


Although the swimmers are excited to compete and have an amazing season, they are also sad to part with the seniors when it’s over. The relationships grown from competition and teamwork can last a lifetime.