PACE, FL 32571

Balanced Production Proves Key to Victory



A humid and muggy night at Ft. Walton Beach set the stage for balanced attack for the Pace Patriots, who initiated the new turf field at Steve Riggs Stadium.


The balance came in a new form for the Patriots: offense and defense. The Patriot offense has been very production the past several years averaging over 25 points per game, but it was the defense that really improved and held the Vikings to only 20 points, 6 of which should not have even counted after a controversial flag pickup for an apparent delay-of-game penalty. 

Many new faces for Pace helped pull out the victory, but it was the veterans who enjoyed it the most. Senior Jake Whitney and Junior J.C. Peacher, both out with season-ending injuries a year ago, stepped onto the field ready to play. There were several Ft. Walton drives that that were extended due to costly penalties on 3rd and long, yet the defense would hold. Both Caleb Vincent and Alex Stinson came up with fumble recoveries that would stop the Vikings from capitalizing on penalty yardage and good field position. 

Even the kicking game is improved this year with Blake Bullock kicking several kickoffs into the end zone for touch-backs. 

As usual, the panhandles leading rusher capped off a productive night with 227 yards and 3 touchdowns on only 21 carries before succumbing to heat cramps late in the 3rd quarter. 

Pace hosts the 0-1 Pensacola Tigers at Patriot Stadium this Friday for another 6-A showdown at 7:30 pm.