PACE, FL 32571

Starting the Season Right


Ashley Browder

Patriot Sports Media

Given that the tennis at Pace High school is a highly underrated sport, we’re looking for this season to be the one to allow them to shine and show their true talent. In comparison to former years, the tennis program has a larger number of players who are all sure to provide Pace with an exceptional amount of skill and drive.  


There are some key players to keep an eye out of this season. Starting with freshman Lauren Murray. Since the beginning of conditioning, she has progressed tremendously and has shown this progress well into tryouts and the start of the season. She is consistent in her endeavor to be a better player. Another key player is JD Daughtery. JD is a freshman as well and can compete with players well above him in age and experience. He is a strong player with a very good technique that is sure to improve over the next four years playing for Paces tennis program. 


Additionally, with a stellar coach like Coach Gill, it is no wonder that the tennis team holds such amazing capabilities. Coach Gill is the biotech teacher in addition to being the coach of the girl’s basketball team. The girls basketball team has recently become district champions for the first time in 15 years. This is a testament to his coaching abilities and what he can provide to the Pace high Tennis program. 


Their season started on February 12 and their next game is home against Escambia High on February 19. Come out and support Pace high tennis and witness an amazing season to come.