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A. Browder

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While many people worry about how they will go along in everyday life, players of NCAA whose lives revolve around a sport were put into a tough position. With many winter sports coming to a peaceful end, the exception being basketball, spring sports were postponed and will ultimately be cancelled as the Corona virus is taking a toll on American lifestyles. This did not sit well with some including New Orleans Pelican player Josh Hart who directed a tweet toward NCAA stating, “yall suck”. This comes as the NCAA refused eligibility to winter sport players leaving popular tournaments such as March Madness 2020 undecided. Many were heartbroken as they use these seasons for recruiting while for others it would have been the last season they ever got to play. With such an ungraceful end to a season that barely started, NCAA hopes to right a wrong by giving some players another chance.


The NCAA D1 Council voted to grant another year of eligibility to those effected by the virus’s cancellations. However, there are many details to straighten out as it comes to scholarships as well as those who have already met their 120-credit hour requirement. Would they be then be required to take more classes? For seniors like Katie Hoeg, a lacrosse player at UNC who is set to graduate in the spring, taking another year would also mean taking more classes to be eligible to attend her institution. However, Hoeg says, "My heart is definitely sold [on] coming back” and is glad NCAA made the decision.




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