PACE, FL 32571

Identity Crisis at Pace High


Erin Grimm

Patriot Sports Media

The buzzer to start the game goes off, and the teams come running out. Only there's something off about the team... it’s the cheerleaders?  

The 3rd annual “Identity Crisis” took place on a cool Thursday night. The cheerleaders were divided into two teams: “The Ballers,” which were an away team coached by Tailer Preston and "The Splash Sisters,” the home team, coached by Mr.Gill. 

At first it was looking rocky for both the teams, but with four minutes left in the first half, the Splash Sisters made the first points in the game. They finished the first half with a lead of four points making the score 6-2.  

As both teams ran off the court, the “cheerleaders” made up of the girls' basketball team came running out to preform for their half time routine. They managed to dance uncomfortably and land a few flips while failing some.  

After halftime was over it was back to the game.  While the Ballers put up a fight, stealing the ball and trying to shoot was fruitless. The final score was 14-8 with the Splash Sisters coming out on top.  

The cheerleaders had a lot of fun playing basketball, and the basketball girls had a lot of fun watching the cheerleaders attempt playing basketball with plenty of other sports accidentally thrown in. The whole time the girls were playing the sports, commentators were roasting them, making not only the girls laugh but also the audience. 

Identity Crisis is a fun way to raise money for the basketball team. The brains behind this fundraiser, Kenzie Hughes, came up with the idea her freshman year three years ago. She, along with everyone else thought it would not only be a great way to raise money but also a lot of fun, especially seeing her teammates in cheer outfits while watching the cheerleaders try to play. She is thankful for the help of Tailer Preston, Briana Moore and Coach Gill for really making everyone hype for it and making it a success.